Friday, April 7, 2017

Does water falling from eyes break the Wuzu? آنکھوں سے گرنے والا پانی وضو کوتوڑ دیتا ہے؟

Water falling from eyes
There are different forms of falling water from eyes. If the water falls because of crying or wood needle it doesn’t break the wuzu unanimously. However, if it occurs because of eye pain or because of the eye getting red the jurists have different opinions. Alauddin Hasfaki declared it wuzu breaker but Allama Ibne Aabideen narrated from Hafiz Ibni Humam that it doesn’t break the wuze. However, it’s better to make ablution again. Ibn e Humam proved this by the following saying of Imam Muhammad.

In the case of eye pain with flowing tears, the man should be ordered to make ablution for each prayer since it may be festering of the wound so he will be declared excused.

This statement indicates clearly that Imam Muhammad declared it just preferable and close to precaution, not necessary. Also, Molana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi and Mufti Azizurrahman Usmani had the similar opinion. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Does injection break the wuzu? کیا انجکشن سے وضو ٹوٹ جاتا ہے؟

The issue of breaking ablution by injection
Entering something inside through meal or medicine doesn’t break the ablution. There is some body blood on the needle when one is injected and getting this quantity outside doesn’t break the wuzu since the quantity can’t flow. 

Hence jurists say if blood comes out of the body and then wiped out and it is as little as if wouldn’t wiped out it wouldn’t have flowed the ablution wouldn’t be broken.

If some blood comes out of the injury and then got wiped and it comes again and gets wiped so if the total quantity is as great as if left un-cleaned it got flowed the ablution will be broken otherwise not.

If the purpose of injecting is just to get the blood it will break the wuzu for sure. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

how to perform wudu with artificial teeth? Wudu Steps in English and Urdu

There are two types of artificial teeth. Some are applied permanently unable to extract easily while the others are made that could be used as required and extracted when needed. In the first case, they are considered as original ones so they are like original teeth. It’s Sunnah to convey water inside and an obligation when bathing.

But, it’s not necessary to water in depth extracting teeth. That’s why the jurists permitted using this type of teeth and fastening with gold or silver. So, obviously, it’s not required to convey water inside parts or else, the permission would be bothering as well as meaningless.

While in the other case, they are graded as an extra thing. Meaning, the bath or Ghusl would be only valid if the water is conveyed in the roots extracting them. In the case of doing not, the ghusl wouldn’t be valid. Since rinsing is just Sunnah and the purpose of this act is to convey the water the whole mouth so, without extracting, the rinsing Sunna wouldn’t be applied.