Monday, August 28, 2017

Water and Sanitation | Diet usage in Islam and health principles concession

Huma health depends on neat and clean diet. Regarding diet, there is a complete concession of health principles in Islamic teachings, acting upon which causes grateful effects on health and man can protect himself from diseases.

Sweet Water Arrangement
Clean and sweet water possess primary importance. Sweet water can protect man from diseases and can maintain the health. Care of this is proved by the prophet and his companions.

Abu Talha RrR A had a garden naming Bir Haa, located in front of Masjid Nabvi. it had clean and sweet water.

Narrations tell that the prophet used to visit that garden and drink its water.

A hadith indicates there was a particular arrangement of sweet water for the Prophet. After emigration (Hijra), the Prophet became the guest of Abu Ayyub Ansari. He used to arrange sweet water for him from the well of Hazrat Anas' father Malik BIn Nazar. Hazrat Aesha says the water was brought from BUoot SaQya for the Prophet. It has the long distance from Madina.

Imam Quteba says it had the distance of two days. Rabah Alaswad, the Prophet's slave, used to bring water from Bir Urs some times, and some times, from Biuuot Saqya