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Namaz e Janaza Ka Tarika in Urdu | نماز جنازہ کا طریقہ

How to Pray Janaza (Funeral Prayer)?
Funeral Prayer is Faz Kifya meaning communal obligation. If some perform, the obligation would be forgiven from all. However, if none of them performed all will be considered sinners. 

The way to perform is that the Imam should stand against the dead body's chest. If the body is an adult he will intend forgiveness prayer. 

In case of non-adult, he will intend to make him reward, storage, and recommender of which recommendation is accepted. Then, the intention of funeral prayer with four Takbeerat should be done. 

The funeral prayer intention includes four takbeerat, faz kifaya, praise for Allah, Darood sharif for the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. This intention is required for both Iman and the follower. 

After raising the hands, they will say Allah o Akbar, and then bend hands down the nab. Then, this dua will be recited. 

سبحانک اللہم وبحمدک وتبارک اسمک وتعالی جدک وجل ثنائ ک ولا الہ غیرک

Then, they will say the second takbeer without raising the hands and the Dua is: 
اللہم صل علی محمد وعلی آل محمد کما صلیت علی ابراہیم وعلی آل ابراہیم انک حمید مجید

Then the third takbeer would be done without raising the hands and here the dua is as below. This prayer is for all Muslims, alive and dead. 

اللہم اغفر لحینا ومیتا وشاہدنا وغائبنا وصغیرنا وکبیرنا وذکرنا وانثانا اللہم من احییتہ منا فاحیہ علی الاسلام ومن توفیتہ منا فتوفہ علی الایمان 
O, Allah! Forgive our lives and deads, our presents and absent, our kids and adults, our men and women. O, Allah! The one of us، whom you keep alive، keep him alive at Islam. And the one whom you give death, give him at Eeman (faith). 

If the funeral prayer is for an adult, this dua should be recited.
اللہم اجعلہ لنا فرطا واجعلہ لنا اجر ا وذخرا واجعلہ لنا شافعا ومشفعا
O, Allah! Make this child as to delivering us on the destination. Make him reward cause and hereafter storage. Make him recommender for us the recommendation of whom is accepted in favor of us. 

If the dead is a nan adult, the dua to recite is as below:
اللہم اجعلہا لنا فرطا واجعلہا لنا اجراوذخرا واجعلہا لنا شافعۃ ومشفعۃ 
O, Allah! Make her as to deliver us at the destination and make her reward cause and hereafter storage for us. Make her our recommender of the recommendation of whom is accepted. 

If the prayers above aren't in your mind, you can recite this Dua.
اللہم اغفرلنا ولوالدینا وللمومنین والمومنات 

O, Allah! Forgive our parents, and all Muslim men and women.

If this Dua doesn't exist in your mind, you can recite any of what you remember. 

Then, Imam and the follower will say the fourth Takbeer, without raising the hands. Finally, all will say these words, turning the heads towards the right and left.
السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ ، السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ

Please share this funeral prayer way so that all Muslims can perform it rightly. 

Mobile Apps | Earning Money Online in Pakistan by giving information

Question About Mobile Apps. 
I have found some free mobile apps on the internet which are very useful. One can call or SMS free of cost without putting any number.

What if I share their info with somebody and get some money in exchange? Would this be valid?

The Answer:
If these applications are designed for calling and sending free SMS according to rules of the internet and the manufacturers you can get money for finding and activating them. 

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Doctor Patient Relationship | Who is Disqualified From Standing Doctor?

Curing despite Ignorance 
In Islam, the fundamental condition to do anything is ability. The act done without required ability and capacity is certainly inappropriate thought the better result is gained. Doctor patient relationship is very sensitive, so should be managed carefully.  

Types of Doctors
Hazrat Badeeda (RA) narrated that the Prophet Peace Be upon Him said. Qazi ) Judges are three types the one deserves paradise and the rest will go hell. The one, aware of reality and decides accordingly, is in paradise. The one decides without knowing the reality, is in hell. 
The one doesn't know anything regarding the reality and proceeds judicial work, is in hell too. 

That's why Fuqaha wrote regarding judicial work that without ability and capacity, trying to do such important job is forbidden at all. 

As some rights are related to the judicial designation, similarly, treatment has relation with peoples' health and life. In Islam, human care is amongst basic goals. 

After religion safety, this department is most important. Hence, the reason of most leaves and conveniences to save man from death and intense labor.

Treatment by Disqualified Doctors
So, obviously, the ability and capacity of curing one is the must. As for this background, the Fuqaha prevented the disqualified doctor from curing. Kasani RA narrated that Imam AbuHanfia is convinced regarding punishment for three men, the free-thinking Muft, the disqualified doctor, the poor man deals in renting things.

Some nicely wrote that this prevention belongs to Amar BilMaroof and Nahi ani lmukar. Actually, when individual free thinking causes overall damage the collective interest would be preferred.

And though, snatching personal freedom is harmful, yet it's less than collective harm, so would be accepted. Ibni Humam, the all knower of Islamic affairs, says. if the punishment is to get riff of common harmfulness such as unlearned doctor, free-thinking Mufti, and the poor deals in renting things, the act upon the narration of Imam Abu Haneefa is valid since it removes the big harm at the cost of less harm.

The Doctor - Unlearned Vs Expert
Actually, the question is, who should be called the unlearned doctor? The jurists tried to appoint according to their time and circumstances. 

The author of Fatawa Sirajia says: 
The unlearned doctor is who fed poison concerning it medication. 

Allama Babarti writes:
One who fed deadly medicines in diseases, whether he knows or not, an unlearned doctor.  

Some gave their statement, explaining the above definition that the unlearned doctor is the one fed people the deadly medicines and doesn't prevent the side effect, appeared on the patient. 

In short, who doesn't own the ability to recognize medicins, considers the poison as a cure, writes a prescription estimating, and can't combat the bad effects of medicins having side effects he would be considered as a unlearned doctor.  

This definition by jurists is in perspective of their time is absolutely right because medical art wasn't so complicated and there were not many branches of medical art as today. People used to read some books having symptoms of diseases and medications along with other topics. 

They get more guidance with experiment and that used to be considered enough. It was considered enough to be a doctor. Neighter pemanent education was needed nor any sort of cirtificate. 

There is another narration:
One who cured despite being unknown with the ability of curing he will be responsible for damge. Allama Munaave RA wrote as its comentary. 

Hurmat E Musahara in Urdu | Touching My Mother in Law in Islam | حرمت مصاہرت کے مسائل

Respectable Scholar! 
Once we sat in our home altogether on a bed whilst my fiancee's mother or mother in law sat beside me. I felt hot desire for her, suddenly, my body touched her and then I got separated from her after a few seconds. 

Thanks to God that I didn't feel the hotness of her body at all because of her clothes. Then, after some period, I got married with her daughter. Is this marriage valid or there is some ruling regarding Hurmat E Musahra? 

According to Ahnaf, you can't marry the daughter of whom you touched with the desire of having intercourse or kissed. Ibne Arbi writes:

People differ regarding touching, whether the ruling is same as intercourse or not. There are two schools of thoughts. 

According to Malikia and Ahnaf, touching has the same rule as intercourse, meaning Hurmamt E Musahra will come true. 

Additionally, the Fuqaha write: One who is touched by a woman sexually, her mother and daughter will be Haram on him. This ruling of prohibition comes true with touching, kissing, and watching private parts sexually, as with intercourse. 

So according to Ahnaf, your marriage is forbidden with the daughter of whom you touched with such feelings.

According to Hanabila, Hurmat E Musahra comes true with both forbidden sexuality and marriage whilst Shawafe and Malika stand up for Hurmat E Musahra to be just with marriage. 

So, Muslims should be very cautious when having some meeting with their relatives to prevent such situations. Islam has set all the limits for men and women to keep the distance among themselves to avoid unwanted rulings, lead them to regret forever. Wife's mother interference is completely forbidden to avoid creating complications for both her daughter and the husband. 

The husband is not allowed to come closer to relatives of wife, and they should be in Hijab always when visiting husband home. 

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زیر ناف بالوں کا حکم| how often should i remove hair from my private part

The Question: What does Islam say regarding unnecessary hair between legs? Please explain the matter. Let us know the detailed ruling about undershave in islam. 

The Answer: It's valid to remove such hair via any method whether it's blade, cream, and so. The Sharia didn't appoint any particular way in this regard. The hair in axils and beneath nab should be removed each week. 

However, remind, it's sin if the time exceeds 40 days. This ruling is for both men and women. 

Note: The best way is to remove the hair each week, if not, then each 15 days. The last limit is 40 days, afterward, there is no excuse. 

How Long Can a Husband and Wife Be Apart in Islam?

The Question: People living outside the country get vacations after one year and some after two. Some never go back soon in the greed of money. How long can a married person live in foreign far away from his wife? What is better in this modern age? Please explain the duration of husband and wife being apart. 

The Answer: Jalaluddin Suyyuti has narrated in Tareekhul Khulafay with the referance of Hazrat Umar Raziallah Anhu that once he was visiting outside. Suddenly, he heard a voice of a woman from a home. She was reading some poetry the meaning of which was as below:

Her husband has gone far away hence she is sad because of his separation. Hazrat Umar came to his home and asked the wife. How long can a married woman patience without the husband? She replied, 3 to 4 months. 

He issued a rule that every militant must be given vacation after four months so that he may pay the wife's rights. 
The scholars say if the husband doesn't pay his wife's right for four months she owns the right of getting Khula (divorce). 

This is in the case when the wife doesn't agree. So the husband should keep her agree and must go home once in a year if possible. It's good to keep her with himself if there is no issue. 

They can live without each other if both agreed. But with the potential of mischief, the agreement doesn't help either. Coming home not for a long time causes numerous losses.  

Husband wife love needs a deep relationship between them. The husband should meet all the requirement of her wife whether they relate to her worldly life or hereafter life.

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Sleeping With Two Wives Islam | Wife in Islam |

The Question: Is it right to sleep with two wives at the same time? What do scholars say about wife in Islam? Can we have intercourse with one of the wives in the same room in front of there one? 

The Answer: It's right to sleep together, but doing intercourse with one in front of the other is vulgarity and shameless act. 

For a wife, seeing other wife's private parts is forbidden. There are many ahadees, describing the invalidity of watching the private parts of other people. 

Is Wishing Happy New Year Haram in Islam? Happy New Year Fatwa

Happy New Year Fatwa
Assalam o Alaikum
Respectable scholar,
Please guide us. Is it valid to convey greetings to Muslims at the start of the new year with blessing prayers, saying happy new year?

If yes, please guide us the Islamic way in this regard. 

The Answer: One who greets the new year, is happy that Allah Almighty gave us another year in which we can have the opportunity of repentance and good deeds. This greeting is the expression of happiness and paying thanks to Allah. Hence, there is no issue in the greeting of a new year. 

There are six rights of a Muslim on another, including greeting him when he gets happiness. In a narration of Abdullah bin Hisham Raziallah Anhu, registered by Imam Tibrani, in which he says that on the arriving of the new month or new year, the companions of the Prophet used to teach each other this Dua. O Allah, enter us into this with blessing and peace. Save us from the evil attacks and give us your consent.  

Conclusion: It is very difficult for us that celebrating happy new year is haram or forbidden. Being in the limits provided by Sharia, you can greet happy new year and share your feeling with your friends. However, fireworks and similar actions that can harm innocent people and kids are completely invalid and one should avoid. Islam doesn't forbid its followers to live with joy and to enjoy their life. 

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Shia Sunni Marriage Fatwa in Urdu | Is It Haram for a Sunni to Marry a Shia?

The Question: My question is regarding Shia Sunni Marriage Fatwa in Urdu. Is it valid for Sunni to marry Non-Sunni? Or is it haram for a Sunni to marry a shia?
The Answer: One who denies the essential things of Islam such as oneness of Allah, prophethood, hereafter, finality of prophethood, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, zakat, or he is convinced for a person to having God attributes, accepts that the Holy Quran is changed, denies companionship for a companion, abuses some of the prophet wives, then it's not allowed to marry him. 

We don't suggest any Muslim man or woman, having the right belief,  to marry such person. Because the objectives required by Sharia, can't be achieved as well as there is a threat for children's beliefs to get spoiled. Besides, the harmony between husband and wife can't be acquired so it may lead them to constant fighting and riots. 

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Nazre Bad ki Dua | نظر بد کی دعا

nazr e bad ki dua
Assalam O Alaikum.

I want to know from Ahle Sunnat scholars that what is the proper way of nazar utarna (Removing the bad view by someone, causing something bad.) It's necessary to know the nazre bad ki dua since there are numerous ways to do so. 

The Answer: The Prophet Peace be upon him, described many duas in this regard. One of them is as below:
اعوذ بکلمات اللہ التامات من شر کل شیطان وھامۃ ومن کل عین لامۃ 

Besides, one should read the last verses of Sura Alqalam, starting from وان یکاد الذین till the end, on himself. It's right to make someone else read the verses on another person. 

Wudu Steps | Wazoo Ka Tariqa in Quran | وضو کرنا سیکھیں

Washing the organs more than three times in Wudu

The Question: Some wash their hands along with arms three times, then flow the water three times either, so the total number becomes six. is it valid? Please explain Wazoo Ka Tariqa in Quran

The Answer: It's Sunna to do Wudu Steps in the right way and wash the organs three times. Washing more times, if with the intention of Sunna, is Makrooh E Tahreemi (Unwanted job closer to forbidden act). 

If one flows the water considering it reward and Sunna, and there is no need either, then it's Makrooh e Tanzeehi, ( Unwanted act, closer to accuracy). 

If one flows the water, just to satisfy himself, considering it not the Sunna, then it's right. However, one shouldn't wash the organs more than three times using Mosque or dedicated water. 

How to Pray in Islam | Attahiyat ka Tarika | التحیات میں کیسے بیٹھیں؟

How to keep hands on knees in Qada (Sitting position in prayer)? 

The Question: I wanted to ask regarding islamic prayer guide that how to how to pray in islam and how to  keep hands on knees in Qada? Should they be next to knees or behind them? 

The Answer: The best way, while sitting in Qada, is to keep hands on knees so that the figures are turned towards Qibla and figures' heads are equal to knees. 

Besides, there should be some distance between figures. Knees shouldn't be caught with fingers nor the hands should be placed behind knees excessively. 

However, if one catches the knees, it's right. 

Allah knows the best. 

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Marriage in Islam | Marriage without Parents Blessing | جب لڑکی والدین کی رضامندی کے بغیر شادی کرے

What if parents don't agree with the marriage?
The Question: 10 years ago, I did love marriage because I had been gotten late with whom my parents wanted to marry me. They didn't agree with the woman I married. In short, they were not happy with this marriage. In short, describe the ruling regarding marriage without parents blessing and explain the marriage in islam matter. 

I and my wife asked forgiveness before they went for Hajj. But they didn't forgive my wife wholeheartedly. Is this marriage is wrong because of their unsatisfactory?  After marriage, my uncle gave me swear by Quran that you will obey the order of your father. I swore because of fear. Do I need to pay atonement for this swear? If yes, then what is that? My father wanted that the wife I brought at home, won't go to her family home. I didn't accomplish the condition and got separated after a month due to fear of the fight.  However, I didn't commit misbehavior against my parents. I always respect them. We visit our home occasionally, but I live separately. What's the ruling in this case? 

The Answer:
Your marriage is valid but try to make them agree as much as possible so that you may get blessings of this relationship. It was wrong for your uncle to give you swear since the wife has a right of meeting with her parents. However, since you swore and violated so pay atonement Kaffara. Kaffara is to make 10 poor people eat full-stomach in the morning and evening or to give 10 fitranas as sadqa. 

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Europe Immigration To Earn More Money | پیسہ کی خاطر مغرب کی طرف ہجرت کرنا

Ruling regarding europe immigration or settlement in foreign countries to earn more money

Question: My question is about my relatives and even about my homeland fellows who live there such as USA, UK, etc. Is it allowed in the light of Sharia to migrate there just to earn more money? 

The Answer: People prefer europe immigration and live in foreign countries permanently, even when they can have a required provision in their country but they settle there, commit Karahat Tahreemi (unwanted act closer to forbidden act). 

Similarly, if one is settled there but it's impossible for him to act upon religious obligations or can't train his children in the right way then he's not allowed to stay there permanently since the most important and first-to-do is to take care of his religion. 

If taking care of the religion is difficult or he is afraid of atheism for his children then it's not permitted to settle there for any Muslim even if the sky showers gold and the earth disgorge its treasure. 

Sajde Ki Dua Ka Kia Tarika Hai?|| English & Urdu

Praying in Sajda after Farz Prayer
Question: Is it permitted to pray during Sajda after Farz Prayer? Sajde Ki Dua ka kia tarika hai? 

The Answer:
Dua is a warship but nut of the warship. Islam has set its apparent figure too. According to Sunna, its apparent shape is to doing dua with humility, raising the hands towards the chest. Similarly, after prayer, the Dua should be done. If one does dua soon after Farz, people will assume that it's sunna to do after Farz. Avoiding the job by which there is a fear of perverting the creed, is obliged. However, it's right to do Dura in Nawafil's sajdas. 

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Namaz k Masail | مسبوق نماز کیسے پوری کرے

Escaping with Salam of the Masbooq along with Imam. 
Question: I went to Mosque for performing Isha, and participated with Jamat in the second rakaat. I performed second, third, and forth rakaat. But when the imam escaped via salam, I followed him doing salam on the right side. Then suddenly, I remembered that I have to perform my one rakaat. So, I stood up after doing salam on the right side and performed the fourth one. So, is my prayer is right? 

The Answer:
if you had done the salam on the right side along with Imam and stood up to complete the prayer then your prayer is complete and you have no need to do Sajda Sahv since you were the follower and the follower is not required to do sajda save because of his mistake. And, if you had done the salam after imam, as it happens usually, and then completed the prayer, then the Sajda Save had been obligated to you. The reason is that your prayer had become individually after Imam's salam. Since you hadn't performed the sajda save so you have to re-perform the prayer.  

Reading Quran on Phone Without Wudu | بغیر وضو موبائل پر قرآن پڑھنا

Question: Can we recite the holy Quran on Mobile without ablution? What if the woman doesn't take off her shoes in the office during reciting? 
The Answer: 
Yes, you can recite. However, some scholars say if the holy Quran is opened on the screen, touching the area, the verses of the Holy Quran are being displayed, is not permitted without ablution. Other places of the mobile can be touched without ablution. For the greatness of the Holy Quran, it's more cautious so, it's good to avoid touching verses without ablution. It's right to recite in the office while wearing the shoes. 

Arkan e Islam - Hajj & Namaz K Masail

Arkan e Islam - Hajj

Qurbani K Masail | Qurbani k Janwar | Qurbani Rules in Urdu

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Qurbani K Masail Part 2

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Aapke Masail Aur Unka Hal | Gheebat in islam in urdu | غیبت کب جائز ہے

غیبت کیا ہے اور اس کا حکم کیا ہے؟ موذن سے گم ہونے والی رقم کا ضمان کیسے ہے۔ اگر مسجد سے پرندوں کے گھونسلے ہٹا دیے جائیں تو کیا حکم ہے؟ غیبت کن صورتوں میں جائز ہے ؟ 
aapke masail aur unka hal

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Principles of Islam in Urdu - اصلاح امت کے قرآنی اصول

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Islam, Traffic Signs & Driving Rules - Urdu Article

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