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Ending Time Of Prayers | Namaz Ke Auqat | How to Know the Time has been Ended of a Salah?

Every Muslim is obligated to remember the time of Salah and prayers. He should know when the time starts and when it ends. In this article, you will know the starting and ending times of each prayer in Urdu and English. 
Explanation of the ending times of each Salah by sequence

Ending Time of Fajr
Fajar Salah time ends when the sun rises. If one started Fajar Salah and sun arose in the meantime the Salah would be invalid. The Qaza would be performed when the sun gets high. 

Ending Time of Zuhr 
If Zuhr is started at ending time, the Salah would be valid if completed before the Asr times start, without any Karahat since there is no Makrooh time between Zuhr and Asr. 

Ending Time of Asar
The perfect time for Asr is before the sun becomes yellow-colored. When the sun gets yellow-coloured, the time is called inconclusive or Naqis. If one starts or completes the prayer this time and in the meantime, sunset happened, the prayer would be declared Naqis in both cases. It's better to perform its Qaza.  

Ending Time of Maghrib 
The last time of Maghrib is when Shafaq is disapeared. According to Imam AbuHanifa, Shafaq is the whiteness get spreaded after redness on hirozons or Ufuq after sunset.

Ending Time of Isha 
When this whiteness  or Shafaq diseapreas the Magirb time ends. If Maghrib is started in the last time, and Isha time begins the Maghrib would be completed without any disrubtion sine there is no Makrooh time between Maghrib and Isha.

Isha time lasts until before Subh E Sadiq. If one starts Isha in the last time, and Fajar time began, Isha would be valid.

If the time of any Salah is passed, just Farz and Wajib is obligated, not Sunan and Nawafil. If one has lost Fajar Sunan he can perform their Qaza after the sun gets high before Istiwa.  

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