Thursday, 5 October 2017

How To Stop Begging At Bus Stops and Vegans? بھکاریوں کو خیرات دینا کیسے ہے؟

Is Giving Charity To the Beggers At Bus Stops and Vegans Valid?
Nowadays, at every bus stop and vegan, beggars are found about whom, we don't know they deserve charity or not. We don't know the person, considered deserved, does he deserve actually, or not. 

It's possible that the man we thought deserving, doesn't deserve. On the other hand, the person considered non-deserving may deserve. 

It has happened to me once when he looked deserving but I noticed him fake by his motions. Can we pay to a poor man living in our area Rs 500 a month, the one we know him deserving? 

Thus, the right would be received to the deserving, and we will get rid of fake beggars. Please guide us in detail in this regard. 

The Answer:
It's divine order to have good behavior with relatives. It is narrated in a Hadith Qudsi that the one who maintained kindness maintained the relationship with me. And the one who maintained disengagement broke the relationship with me. 

Its' necessary to condemn begging. The best solution is to pay needy and poors amongst relatives, some amount a month. So that needy may fulfill their needs. Giving charity to relatives and neighbors is the order by Allah and His Prophet. Hence, giving them cash is valid also. 

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