Thursday, 12 October 2017

Male Infertility | Does it prevent from marrying a women without telling her? | بانجھ مرد کے شرعی مسائل

Is it valid for suffered from infertility to marry? 
My question is regarding a man, the doctors told he can't have babies through his wife and no treatment is possible. Does Islam allow such person to marry? If yes, then is he obliged to tell the issue to his future wife? Besides, should he tell the problem to her family either? Please reply soon.

The Answer: Whatever defect the girl or the boy has, informing each other about that is necessary since many complications can occur after marriage.One of both, boy or girl, who is defected, the other will bear the punishment.  

Regardless of the defect, whether it's infertility or something else, if one doesn't inform the other, it would be considered cheating. However, after getting informed, if the other agrees to marry, it would be valid, otherwise, forbidden. It's like snatching other's rights. 

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