Monday, 9 October 2017

Musht Zani Chorne Ka Tarika in Urdu | Musht Zani Ka Ilaj | مشت زنی سے بچنے کے طریقے

Musht Zani, also known as Jalq or Istimna Bilyad, a common habit. According to a research, a  big number of men suffers from this act. However, women also tend to involve but they are less compared to men, because of some medical and social reasons. 

Musht Zani can be questioned by many aspects and can be discussed for several reasons. The light is thrown upon it morally, psychiatrically, and medically. We gonna discuss it by all aspects. 

Musht Zani and medically point of view
Medical point of view is divided into two parts. There is a group of Greek doctors who declare this act as extremely harmful for human body. According to them, masturbation causes male weakness, change in the organ, as well as the body tends to be weaker. That's why this group doesn't allow masturbation in medical aspect and it's hazardous for the human body.  

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