Sunday, 1 October 2017

Secret Marriage in Islam | خفیہ نکاح کے احکام

Question: I am 33 years old and want to marry a girl of 27 years. We are university level educated. We both agree but her parents aren't ready yet. 

We met many times and it's more likely to suffer from sin. Can we do secret marriage to avoid invalid intercourse making sure all the conditions exist? We try out best to avoid Zina in Islam, so please guide us. 

Yes, her parents wouldn't be informed. Besides, it's right to marry publicly after secret marriage? 

The Answer: It's forbidden for both of you to meet each other before marriage. So, avoid, otherwise, you may suffer from the prohibited act. 

Firstly, try to make girl's family agree so that the marriage is done with their presence. It's beneficial for you both. If they don't agree even after trying your best, you can marry involving your own family members. 

The presence of two understandable adult men is required or else, the marriage wouldn't be valid. Afterwards, you can do open marriage without any issue.  

To avoid punishment for zina, Nikah is recommended for all young muslim men and women. 

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