Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Masjid Ke Ahkam | Masjid Ki Cheezain Istimal Karna | مسجد کے شامیانے استعمال کرنا

Is it valid to use things dedicated for the mosque?
What scholars say regarding that an institute built a mosque, reachable for both public and the staff. Since the worshippers are in a big number, the institute allotted tents to the mosque. So the question is that can this institute use these tents for other purposes such as cricket match and other events? 

The Answer:
Things dedicated for the mosque, owned by that mosque. So these tents belong to the mosque after being dedicated. However, upon permission of the management, these can be used for other events. However, the decision whether the rent, for the mosque fund,  should be applied or not, goes to the management. In short, these things are useable for events other than performing prayer, with the permission of the management.  

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