Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Relation With Non Muslim in Islam in urdu | Can I eat Food With A Non-Muslim?

Can a Muslim eat the meal with a Non-Muslim? 
I live in Hong Kong and at the place I work, there are Non-Muslims. Our relaxation and eating food place is same. 

Can we heat the food in the oven they use? Can we eat the food at the bench they use? 

The Answer: It's valid for a Muslim to eat with a Non-Muslim. Besides, the food brought or cooked by a Nan-Muslim is valid. But it's conditioned with being Halal. 

There is no difference of Non-Muslim, no matter what religion he owns whether he is Hindi, Christian, or so. 

However, the Non-Muslims other than Ahl E Kitab, meaning Jews and Christians, their slaughter is Haram since they don't recite Bismillah before slaughtering. 

The used pots belong to Non-Muslims can be used by Muslim after being washed. The food remained by Non-Muslim has several cases. One is Haram food which is strictly forbidden for us. The second is when he is eating Halal food you can participate him stately. 

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